Industrial Processes Research Group


The industrialization of raw materials involves a great number of machines, systems or processes. Today's technological development provides greater and better alternatives, which if implemented and integrated appropriately, will create optimal production levels.

There has been great scientific development regarding the design, control, automation and optimization of industrial processes. However, it is not directly applied or implemented in conventional industry. Besides knowing about new technologies and scientific advances, it is imperative to know about the reality of the system, plant, machine or process which will be intervened very well, this is known as MODELING.



  • Identify conventional machines, systems or processes we can intervene in order to implement automation, control and optimization technologies.
  • Suggest theoretical and experimental models that enable the simulation of industrial processes 
  • Design and implement different simulation experiments of industrial process that allow us to detect, correct mistakes and implement improvements without directly intervening with the real process at this stage.  
  • Write reports on the progress and results of research projects in hopes of publishing them in indexed journals. 



•    Modeling of industrial processes
•    Simulation of industrial processes
•    Control of industrial processes
•    Optimization of Industrial processes
•    Embedded systmes for industrial processes


Lines of Research


Control engineering and automation technologies


Sub- line of research:

  • Embedded systems






Pablo Germán Parra Rosero 





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