Genetic improvement in the production of livestock species Research Group



The GLOBALGEN research group conducts research that attempts to cover aspects of new paradigms, particulary: sustainable and environmentally friendly livestock production, maintaining biodiversity and animal welfare and rights. GLOBALGEN works with other national and European universities as well as government institutions such as MAGAP and the Ministry of the Environment. 





Research, development and innovation in technologies for sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly livestock production. The research includes the recovery of species and the maintenance of animal biodiversity using DNA techniques; it also works on the awareness of the need to respect animal rights.





Since the late twentieth century, the relationship between animals and humans has changed significantly. Animals are no longer a mere instrument for the production of food or for helping in rural activities. Therefore , the future of Veterinary Research neglects the search for intensive production at any price , and this results in the rise of new areas to be developed .

Livestock is a polluting activity. The livestock sector accounts for 9% of CO2 which arises from human activities, but it also generates a much higher percentage of other greenhouse gases: 65 % of nitrous oxide and 37 % of methane gas. Therefore, both international organizations such as FAO , and national ones like MAGAP, hold programs that promote sustainable , ecological and environmentally friendly livestock production.

It is well known that Ecuador is a country with enormous biodiversity, despite its small territory. In just 256,370 square kilometers, Ecuador has 8 % of animal species and 18 % of birds in the world, many of them are endemic. This privilege requires all Ecuadorians to show constant responsibility towards our wildlife for its conservation and wealth.

Today, pets are considered a member of the family, with all that it entails. Today, there is a major development in animal technology to provide these "new family members" appropriate conditions in terms of welfare, nutrition, and surgical techniques.




Lines of Research


  • Biodiversity and Genetic Resources


  • Animal Nutrition


  • Reproduction and bovine genetics


  • Animal Health




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