Mamuts UPS Rugby Club (MURC)

February 2019 / 2nd place in national tournament


Rugby is a formative sport, it is a physical contact sport with game rules that promote safety and confidence.



Rugby is a sport that can change and improve the lives of many people, especially those who find it difficult to fit in with society since it demands a lot. It should be promoted everywhere, for boys, adults with different body types. 


The Salesian university community in general will consider RUGBY as the way to a quality of life. Support young talents to represent the club in local and national competitions.


When playing rugby, a team sport, each player must do his best because his team needs his highest performance and commitment. When playing an individual sport, such as tennis, the player is the one who wins or loses or gets angry with himself or congratulates himself, it is only up to him. On the other hand, when playing rugby, all the players need each other to win.

• Team play: Rugby is a game in which the objective is to move the ball beyond the opponents' goal line and onto the ground to score points.

• Skills development: It generates numerous combinations of fundamental skills, according to the spatio-temporal demands, manipulation of objects and socio-motor relationships.

• Values: Rugby rescues the natural human values of the athlete, in times when children grow up in front of a television or a computer, they need to obtain a physical and mental balance. It is a sport that educates and trains, that cultivates respect for others, respect for one's partner and respect for authority, as well as loyalty and solidarity.

• Training: It seeks to train new coaches for different areas, modalities and categories.


  • Name:  Víctor Emilio Estrada Hurtado
  • Email:
  • Cell phone:  0993168200
  • Tel.: 042590630 ext. 4446



  • Name: Leonardo Esneider Iparreño Santamaria
  • Email:          
  • Cell phone: 0960845790
  • Tel: 042013712