UPS and the Massachusets Institute of Technology sign an agreement to disseminate teaching material

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Universidad Politecnica Salesiana (UPS), Ecuador, will adhere to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) program in order to promote and experience its OpenCourseWare (OCW) through which MIT makes the contents and materials used in its study programs available worldwide.

According to the agreement, UPS's website will be used to disseminate the work of MIT in Ecuador, especially for its community and those who regularly use and benefit from its means of communication. 

Through the global and cost-free dissemination of the teaching materials used in the nearly 2,300 subjects taught in its programs, MIT, one of the world's top universities according to several official rankings, the aim is to increase the reach and impact of the production of knowledge carried out by its university members. 

In each course users will find and obtain information related to its planning, the contents, bibliographical references, reading activities, materials used in class activities, as well as exams and tests taken by students. The OCW also contains many audio, video and applications files used in different courses. 

The different materials contained in the MIT repository make up an important reference and support for teaching activities and the teaching and learning process. Students, for example, will benefit by easily accessing quality content which will favor the internationalization of their academic and professional training and the practice of another language.

The Mirror Site Program, in which UPS takes part, allows the learning resources produced by MIT to also be available to people and institutions with little or no access to internet because of infrastructure and costs. 

Students and all other members of the university community will be able to access the content created by MIT in the university laboratories or from home at



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