Graduation ceremony for 77 new professionals

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The university's branch campus in Cuenca held a graduation ceremony for 60 graduates of business administration, accounting, communication, education, computer engineering, electronics, biotechnology, electric engineering, mechanics, veterinary medicine and physical education. As well as 17 graduates of the following master's degree programs: mathematical methods and Cosmetic technologies. The ceremony was presided by UPS president Javier Herran and Bertha Tacuri, acting vice president of UPS-Cuenca.

Father Herran said "your graduation is the result of years of effort and hard work which made your dreams come true, this achievement makes your families and the university proud"
Bertha Tacuri congratulated the new professionals and encouraged them to use their knowledge at the service of the community.

Javier Serrano spoke on behalf of the graduates and said "today is a special day, many people here today are pleased with our effort. Today we are prepared to contribute to the development of our country which needs new knowledge and skills in different areas of study."

Maria Angelica Sanchez and Milton Xavier Mora said they were both happy and sad; happy because they have accomplished their goal and sad because their university life comes to an end, a stage filled with challenges and victories. 


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