Abya Yala Museum hosted the Andean Summit of Museums

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The Abya Yala Museum hosted the Andean Summit of Museums. The aim of this event is to create new expectations of sustainability by creating in house resources in community museums. This event was coordinated by the international board of museums-Ecuador, EULAC Museums, University of St. Andrews, Museo Abya – Yala, Museo Nacional, Ministerio de Cultura, Sistema de Museos and centros culturales Quito – Cultura.

Among the international experts who attended the event were Rick West, director and founder of the American Indian Museum of the Smithsonian Institute, Elka Weinstein of the University of Toronto, Samuel Franco of the Museum of Mayan Music of Guatemala, Frederic Vacheron, specialist in UNESCO's Culture programs of France, Tatiana Jerves and Alejandro Soto from Costa Rica, Anong Migwans Beam from the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation of Canada.

Previously, the national and international delegations of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and ICOM LAC met in the Leonidas Proaño auditorium to discuss the situation of these spaces in the Andean area and support for their sustainability through Projects. Then, they visited the Abya - Yala Museum and enjoyed the theatrical tour to finally taste the Amazonian cuisine.

During the event, experts presented their museological and thematic proposals for reflection on aspects such as funds for education in museums, the development and execution of educational projects, the financing of sustainable projects. The participants shared successful case studies in this field.


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