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Monsignor David De La Torre celebrates the sacrament of confirmation


It was the start of the online courses "University Catechesis" organized by the University Pastoral Department and the Philosophy undergraduate program. The courses prepare participants for the sacraments of baptism, communion and confirmation. "The courses allow young people prepared in religious, catechetical and biblical fields to share their experience and their social commitment during catechetical courses," said Fr. Jaime Chela, director of the pastoral department in "El Girón" campus.

This month, fourteen students received the sacrament of confirmation at the María Auxiliadora Chapel under strict biosafety protocols. It was celebrated by Monsignor David De La Torre. "This sacrament has a special characteristic; it implies receiving the Holy Spirit" said Fr. Chela

The course included 17 meetings via zoom to discuss biblical knowledge, the relationship and faith of young people with God, the Virgin Mary, the Church, and the commitment to a social, political and economic transformation from the exercise of citizenship for common good.

The methodology of the Latin American Church of seeing, judging, acting, celebrating and evaluating. Each module is carried out by a facilitator from the group of catechists. Students have tasks to do and the process is monitored through digital media.

As a higher and Salesian education institution, UPS carries out activities of a pastoral nature to contribute to the integral formation of people: human, academic, spiritual, social and ecological. "The sacraments are ways or means that allow a person to develop a relationship with God, their neighbor and the world, leading a more harmonious life to contribute to the construction of a more human world," stated Fr. Chela.




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