UPS and the Police presented a plan to fight crime

guayaquil, 29 June 2015 PDF

Andrés Bayolo (left) and Police representatives

Representatives from UPS-Guayaquil and the National Police got together to discuss the security plan that will be in charge of the Jefatura del Circuito Centenario Police department, located in the south of the city. 
The meeting was attended by UPS-Guayaquil Vice President Andres Bayolo, Captain Hugo Teran and Lieutenant Estuardo Shiguango.

Captain Hugo Teran said the police will coordinate and plan activities to protect over 13,000 people who are part of UPS and Domingo Comín and Cristóbal Colon high schools.

The police will also give talks on safety, the use of drugs and alcohol, family violence, juvenile crime and other topics to try to prevent any type of crime. 

The university now has access to a system called "Botón de pánico" or "Panic Button" which staff at UPS can use to alert the Police of any crime around the university premises.

Andres Bayolo said these actions will help students' safety and that they will be held constantly around the university in order to avoid any crime. Additionally, the police will now continuously ride their motorcycles around the university and other strategic places in hopes of stopping crime. 


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