CEAACES presented the university's evaluation report

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Presentation of the report

On October 23rd, UPS officials, professors, administrative staff and students attended one of the university's auditoriums to hear the final evaluation report presented by the Ecuadorian Assessment, Accreditation and Higher Education Quality Assurance Council (CEAACES) about UPS-Quito. 

Dr. Edgar Tello, previous academic coordinator, talked about the evaluation process in the university, the methodology and the projections for the university. He explained that two institutions were in charge of the evaluation, the Escuelas Politécnicas evaluation and accreditation department and the education quality assurance administration. They were in charge of verifying the fulfillment of the improvement plans.  

Regarding the methodology, Tello said they considered two aspects: the evaluation of the learning environment and the implementation of the improvement plans under three principles which were academia, infrastructure and institutional management. UPS got 82.39% and is part of the universities that have passed the evaluation. 

After the CEAACES presentation, the university awarded diplomas to the new students who will lead the students' federation (FEUPS) at UPS. This part of the event was in charge of Patricio Benavides, academic coordinator. The inauguration of the new members was presided by UPS-Quito Vice President Jose Juncosa. 

Students who will lead FEUPS for the next two years:

•    FEUPS members: Irina Jaramillo, president; Gladys Ángulo, vicepresident; Francisco Torres, secretary and Diego Viturco, treasurer 
•    Student council at campus El Girón: Eduardo Quintana, president; Alexandra Banda, vicepresident; Janina Martínez, secretary and Irina Jaramillo, treasurer.
•    Student council at campus Sur: Gladys Ángulo, president; David Rosado, vicepresident; Adriana Portillo, secretary and Andrea Murillo, treasurer
•    Student council at campus Kennedy: Francisco Torres, president; Diego Ballesteros, vicepresident; Edison Valera, secretary and Jorge Beltrán, tesorero


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