UPS strengthens its scientific research

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Dr. Raquel Ayala (UPS), Dr. Félix de Moya Anegón, Javier Herrán Gómez, (UPS President), Andrés Bayolo, (UPS- Guayaquil Vice President)

UPS-Guayaquil professors, researchers, and students attended a conference on Scientific Production which was led by the international expert Felix de Moya Anegón, PhD, from Universidad de Granada, Spain. 

Around 40 professors attended the conference which was held last October 26th in the Centenario Campus. The professors belong to the university's research groups in Guayaquil. UPS President Father Javier Herran Gomez and UPS-Guayaquil Vice President Andres Bayolo attended the conference. 

Felix de Moya Anegón thanked the university for the kind invitation and said it was a pleasure to transmit his knowledge to UPS professors and researchers and encourage them to keep on doing research. He also said it is important to contribute with the development of several areas in the world through professors with experience in research. 


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