UPS President attended a talk on "Responsible investment in agriculture"

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UPS President Javier Herrán, moderator of a discussion panel


After visiting Università degli Studi di Ferrara (UNIFE) in Italy and strengthening ties of institutional cooperation with this university, UPS President Javier Herran, traveled to Madrid and Murcia to take part in a conference titled "Responsible investment in agriculture".

As part of this event, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) held a talk titled "responsible investment in agriculture, good business practices" in order to create awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and foreign investment. During the event, businesspeople in the agri-food sector, professors and other civil society representatives shared their experience, which will be useful for the development of other territories.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid acknowledged the work of 20 companies and 4 laboratories in Ecuador, Spain and Peru for their work in economic and environmental sustainability.
On May 24th, our university president took part in a meeting titled "Governance of Professional Organizations" which was about responsible investment in agriculture and systems to improve food safety and nutrition based on the right for proper nutrition.

Ana Sáenz, Senior Officer, Partnerships with the Private Sector at FAO, spoke about the importance of working with real problems in society from different people's point of view in order to develop principles of social conduct. "So far FAO has been working with governments to implement policies ... but the engine of the economy and development has to come from private companies from civil society and from working together with the university, "says Saenz.

Finally, Father Javier Herrán visited Camposeven, a leading Spanish company in the city of Murcia that produces vegetables according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Father Herran took a tour of the premises and also talked to people about the management of material and products in order to be more efficient in production and reduce the risk for the environment. 



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