Carneras win their first game of the season

cuenca, 25 October 2016 PDF

Andrea Pesantez attempting to score a goal

The university's women's soccer team "Carneras" won their first game in the Women's  National Soccer Championship by beating "Grupo 7" 5 goals to 1 in the game played in the university's Valeriano Gavinelli Gavicho stadium where there were a good number of fans to support the team. Andrea Pesantez scored all 5 goals for Carneras.

Carneras were determined to win their first match of the season and came out playing hard to soon take control of the game and their rivals. Andrea Pesantez scored the first in the 24th minute of the game and the second right before the end of the first half.In the second half Andrea Pesantez scored 3 more goals that sealed the victory for Carneras. Cristina Tuarez scored the only goal for "Grupo 7".

Carneras now have a total of 7 points and are in position to advance to the second phase of the championship, which is reached by the first four teams in the standings.
The players were very happy with the win and more committed to reaching the second phase of the competition. Coach Edisson Mendez was pleased with the victory and congratulated his players.

Carneras will play their next game on October 29th against "7 de febrero" in the city of Babahoyo. 


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