From the classroom to reality: civil engineerng students visit Quito's landfill

quito, 03 February 2017 PDF

Students during their visit to the landfill

On January 26th, thirty five students majoring in civil engineering in the university's branch campus in Quito went on a technical visit to Quito's landfill, which is part of their Solid Waste Management class which seeks students to learn more about the design and operation of the landfill.

The students were welcomed by staff from the landfill, who later explained the treatment of solid and hospital waste that is daily taken to the landfill, the methodology used in order to minimize risks, social and environmental impact.

This visit allowed students to analyze the application of the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom regarding the design and operation of a landfill. Students also learned about the treatment of leachate and management of biogas to fulfill the integral management of solid waste through engineering parameters of construction and operation.

Professor Diana Garcia said the visit "allowed students to learn about the operation, the physical part and structure of a landfill, as well as the importance creating awareness of composting and recycling programs in order to extent the lifespan of a landfill."


Major: ingeniería civil

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