Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling


The computer recycling group started in 2012 as part of research on the inadequate use of technology and the analysis of reusable components to create computers from donations. Several recycled computers have been donated to rural schools in the province of Azuay. 
With the adequate reuse of computers, along with the optimal use of free software, we have sought to satisfy the needs of equipment and computer maintenance in schools and rural and / or marginal sectors of the province of Azuay.
In all this time, more students have gotten involved in the group and has had a positive effect in the proper use of technology. Currently, the coordinator is student Marcela Catalina Zhagüi


We are an academic group aimed at Computer Recycling, use of Free Software, protecting the environment, research and development of new technologies based on obsolete computers, always seeking the well-being of the Society and the academic and professional development and skills of its members based on human and academic education with Salesian excellence.


To be a benchmark for teamwork, volunteering, social responsibility research and innovation that supports solidarity science and technology, with a critical, analytical sense and developing professional and personal skills of its Members.


• Workshop on preventive and corrective hardware and software maintenance.
• Workshop on the reuse of components.
• Workshop on Linux operating system.
• Assembly workshop.
• Workshop on keyboard and mouse adaptations for use in games or others.
• Media Wiki server workshops (open source)
• Expo Reciclaje 2018 organized by EMAC
• Presentation of projects 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
• Exhibitions for new students
• Exhibitions of prototypes for video games and other programs
Community engagement
• Missions 
• Computer donations to schools
• Computer maintenance and technical support


  • Name: Vladimir Espartaco Robles Bykbaev
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: 0 99 821 2844


  • Name: Marcela Catalina Zhagüi Pugo
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: 0959041721