Ups Runners


UPS Runners is made up of the university's administrative staff, professors and students who want to have a healthy lifestyle.


Develop programs, projects and activities for sports, recreation, physical activity and free time, aimed at social integration of the university community, generating healthy habits and lifestyles within a participatory environment of healthy coexistence, in adequate and safe spaces. 



To become an integral group which represents the desires of each of its members regarding sports activities 



Group members prepare for and participate in local and national endurance races, but they don't necessarily race to win; they are people who love sports and enjoy it to improve their quality of life



  • Name: Julio Cesar Chuqui Calle
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: 0987167698
  • Extension: 1174



  • Name: Nestor Hugo Ramón Maldonado
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: 098524461
  • Tel.: 4135250