Biomedical Engineering Research Group



The Biomedical Engineering Research Group was created by a group of professors whose area of research is biomedical engineering. The aim of the group is to conduct research and find solutions to problems in society regarding biomedical engineering. Since we are the first bioengineering research group we would like to encourage the creation of other similar groups. 



  • Disseminate and encourage research in engineering applied to the solution of biological and health problems in order to contribute to social and scientific development in our country
  • Contribute with students' scientific education by developing their research skills.
  • Strengthen people's ties with society by teaching them that through practical experience their skills and effort can help improve people's quality of life. 




With research focused on solving national problems in the area of Biomedical Engineering, GIIB aims to establish itself as a research group recognized for the development of relevant and high impact projects that motivate students and new professionals in engineering to work for society. The aim of GIIB is to be the basis of research training in undergraduate engineering at UPS. The research group is projected to create links and strengthen research cooperation with national and international educational, health and research institutions.






Lines of Research


  • Control engineering and automation technologies
    • Biomechanics
    • Acquisition and processing of biosignals


  • Health and interculturality
    • Gait analysis
    • Joint biomechanics
    • Rehabilitation 


  • Social responsibility, redistribution of wealth and quality of life
    • Análisis de marcha patológica Pathological gait analysis
    • Joint biomechanics
    • Prosthetics and orthotics










Name Email Google Scholar Other
Patricio Fernando Urgilés
Ana Cecilia Villa Parra
John Calle
Pablo Cevallos Larrea
Freddy Leonardo Bueno Palomeque
Mónica Karel Huerta  



Students and researchers

Name  Email Google Scholar Other
Andrés Eduardo Espinoza Rodríguez    
Efrén Leandro Lema Condo    
Daniel David Proaño Guevara    
Edyson Fernando Cabrera Ramón    
Cristian Gabriel Carangui Velecela    
Josué Geovanny Mora Chuqui    
Edwin Ronald Álvares Morales    
Felipe Ochoa    
Ricardo Prieto    
Christian Paul Ortiz Astudillo    
Rodrigo Pinto  
Juan Fernando Chica Ortiz    
Cabrera Ramón