Telecommunications and Telematics Research Group



The Telematics and Telecommunications Research Group (GITEL for its acronym in Spanish) was created thanks to the initiative from a group of UPS professors linked to telecommunications. The aim of the group is to develop research in the field of telecommunications and contribute to the solution of problems through the adaptation, transformation and development of existing knowledge and technology



•    To contribute to solving problems in the area of telecommunications in the country and abroad.

•    To have agreements with public and private telecommunications companies in the country and abroad in order to create interdisciplinary research groups that will find solutions to problems in the field of telecommunications.
•    To publish research results in several means and / or national and international academic and scientific events in order to disseminate research conducted at UPS.
•    To encourage the entire university to get involved in research activities through community involvement projects between the university and society.
•    To help disseminate knowledge in the area of telecommunications 
•    To contribute with students' academic and research competencies 








Lines of research


One of the strengths of the GITEL research group is to develop research activities and transfer technology to different areas related to telecommunications. This includes interrelated fields such as design of telecommunications networks and its applications, transport protocols, the study WIFI networks, telemedicine, home automation and networks of wireless sensors. 

The impact of our work is reflected in the dissemination of  results in journals and national and international conferences, as well as our participation in numerous research projects, the development of different scientific and social activities related to telecommunications that help communities improve their quality of life.