Biotechnology and Environment Research Group


The Biotechnology and Environment Research Group (INBIAM)started as an initiative from a group of interdisciplinary professors and researchers with a high academic level and experience in the environmental and biotechnological field. The aim of this research group is to create proposals focused on people´s quality of life by caring for the environment and involving society to be at the service of social development and promotion. 

The group was created to meet the following needs: generate and apply knowledge of environment to solve current problems in society and mainly have an agreed criterion on a specific area of research with the aim of publishing results. 



The aim of the group is to contribute to research processes in UPS and work in lines of research that will strengthen the Life Sciences area and help with regional development bearing environmental protection and management in mind.

To meet this aim, the group will work hard in research, education, consultancy, and services by suggesting alternatives to diagnose and solve environmental problems within the context of salesian quality education. 



Products and Services

1. Bioremediation of contaminated environmental components.

2. Bioreactors and efficient processes

3. Applied microbiology

4.  Research on  biological control and management of pests and diseases

5. Assessment of contaminated environmental components and posible remediation processes. 

6. Valuation of environmental liabilities

7. Assessment of environmental risk

8. Descriptive statistical analysis, inference and multivariate environmental data. 

9. Analysis and design of environmental experiments

10. Create tools for sustainable management of natural resources

11. Ecology studies applied to natural resources

12. Create scientific material so it can be published
Due to the above mentioned reasons, this research group is fundamental to create scientific products in the Life Sciences area and contribute to research processes at UPS. 


Lines of research


•    Environmental Bioremediation 
•    Biological control of pests and diseases
•    Environmental quality
•    Biostatistics
•    Applied ecology
•    Sustainable development of natural resources




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