Software to manage water service in Pesillo - Imbabura

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(from left to right ) Stalin Ladino, Richard Carrión, José Juncosa, Juan Serrano, Carolina Moya and Narciza Requelme


Stalin Ladino and Richard Carrrion, graduates from the computer engineering undergraduate program in the university's branch campus in Quito, presented their project that will manage the availability of quality water for human consumption in the cantons of Cayambe, Pedro Moncayo, Otavalo, Antonio Ante and Ibarra. 

The project is a software that will enable water fees to be paid in a quick, efficient and integral manner. It will analyze the quantity and the quality of water through: flow measurement, a physical, chemical and microbiological analysis in the laboratory and the organizational management of water supply.

This technological tool is in operation through the web and has an application for measurements that is linked to the internet. 

This project is part of the research on water and land that UPS has been working on since 2012 as part of the agreement signed with the Council of Potable Water in 2014. It encompasses 11 regions that provide water to 150 communities in the area of Pichincha and Imbabura.

The project was presented in Cayambe, in the university's continuing education center. The presentation was attended by Jose Juncosa, vice president of UPS's branch campus in Quito; Narcisa Requelme, coordinator of community involvement; Carolina Moya, coordinator of the project; Juan Serrano, president of the Council of the project.


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