Formula SAE and the future of automotive design

guayaquil, 14 November 2017 PDF

Conference on the Formula SAE and automotive design

The university's automotive mechanical engineering undergraduate program in Guayaquil held a conference titled "Experience in Formula SAE and the Future of Automotive Design" led by Daniel Santos Gualoto, an expert in the area of design and digital manufacturing from Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain) and Formula Student in different countries.
"We want our students to know about the reality of international competitions so they can prepare according to those demands", said Renato Fierro, director of automotive mechanical engineering undergraduate program.
Some of the topics in the conference were:
- Process of formula SAE competitions
- Requirements to compete
- Stages of the competition
- Participating teams
- Professional experience in this area
According to Fierro, this activity is part of a program on learning tools that will enable the program to start lines of research. "The program focuses on automotive design, thus sharing experiences internationally is part of that", he said.
Fabricio Gonzalez, a student in his second year of automotive mechanical engineering, said these activities allow students to learn about the fields where they can apply their knowledge after ending their studies.
"Designing tools to create our vehicles is one of the topics the program is working on so that students have a broader vision of their future profession", he said. 
Major: ingeniería mecánica automotriz

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