The use of ICTs for people with disabilities

cuenca, 20 November 2017 PDF

Dr. Rafael Sánchez during the seminar


This course was about the use and the adaptation of information and communication technologies for the benefit of people with disabilities. 

The UNESCO chair on "support technologies for educational inclusion" from UPS held a seminar titled "Expert in ICTs, Inclusion and Disabilities" in order to train participants on the use and adaptation of ICTs (computers, software, cell phones, tablets) to the needs of people with disabilities regardless of their physical, intellectual or sensory condition.

The seminar was led by the Spanish expert Rafael Sanchez, a member of CREATICA foundation. It will be a 204 hour course, 48 will be on campus and 156 online .

Sanchez said having the technology is not enough, people should know how to apply it. Therefore, in the seminar people will learn about models which they can apply. Participants will present their final projects on April 21st. 

The on campus classes give participants an opportunity to create a network of professionals and take advantage of the information and skills acquired in the training process. 


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