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The campus kids program



As part of International Children's day, the salesian academic group GASOL (Grupo Académico del Asociacionismo Salesiano (GASOL) and the computer engineering undergraduate program in UPS's branch campus in Guayaquil with the support of Fundación Ecuador held a program titled "Campus KID Tecnologico". This program was aimed at strengthening creativity and games in technological topics for children in basic education.

The program, held in November, was aimed at getting children involved with technology by using ICTs within the innovative tendencies of education including: computing, programming,. Maintenance and emerging ICTs such as virtual reality, holograms, robots and so on. 

According to Alice Naranjo, coordinator of the GASOL group, the Campus Kids program is the answer to a social need consisting of educational inequality and of schools that do not have resources such as laboratories or technological equipment. "We want to provide access to ICTs and favor learning according to current tendencies", she said.

Five different spaces were created for the program:

ProKIDS: where children interact with programming tools like Scratch, Code org and others. 

MUTI  (Itinerant Technological Museum) a place to learn about the evolution of a computer and ICTs  

INTIC (Technological Innovation), a place to with emerging ICTs such as virtual reality and holograms. 

ESPARC where children can play with ICTs. 

CHARTICs (Talks about ICT): dialogue through videos, emerging ICTs and interaction with devices, where a question and answer section was carried out so that the students could solve all their doubts.

310 children attended the Kids Campus. For María Carriel, teacher of the Francisco Falquéz Ampuero School, these spaces contribute significantly to the teaching of children. "We are very grateful with UPS because it supports the teaching-learning process of children on technological issues," she said.


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