Graduation ceremony in Cuenca for undergraduate and postgraduate students

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A new graduation ceremony was held in the university's branch campus in Cuenca for 92 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate students who successfully ended their studies. 

Students graduated from the following programs: automotive engineering (25), physical education (19), education sciences (13), electrical engineering (9), electronic engineering (8), communication (4), veterinary medicine (3), environmental engineering (3), business administration (3), industrial engineering (2), computer engineering (1), occupational psychology (1), accounting (1); four students from the master's program in mathematical methods and numbers simulation and one in cosmetic technologies. 

 UPS president Javier Herran said "with this graduation, many years of effort and hard work are rewarded, your goal of becoming professionals is here and makes you and your families proud, it also pleases professors and staff because your achievement is also the university's"

Rita Yolanda Chaca, graduate of education sciences, spoke about how graduation represents the end of a stage in life as a student, but life as a professional begins.

Cesar Vasquez, vice president of the university's branch campus in Cuenca, congratulated the new professionals and wished them the best of luck in their professional career, "don't forget UPS will always be your home, don't doubt coming back"


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