Graduation ceremony for 113 students

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Graduation ceremony


Two graduation ceremonies were held in Quito in "El Giron" and "Sur" campus for 113 students who successfully ended their studies in the following undergraduate programs: electric engineering, accounting and auditing, communication, mechanical engineering, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, sustainable development, environmental engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering, management and leadership and civil engineering. 

"Graduation marks the end of a period of effort and hard work which turned you into professionals. This ceremony makes your families proud, as well as your professors and staff. The university you leave today, is not the same one you found in your first day", said Jose Juncosa, vice president of UPS's branch campus in Quito. Esteban Inga, director of the electricity program, said "you have the power to create through science and serve those who need it the most, be mutual with the skills God has given you and serve people better". 

Joao Salas Quelal, graduate of mechanical engineering, and Gladys Angulo, graduate of management and leadership, spoke on behalf of all the graduates. "Let's always be kind and help others, which is one of the characteristics of our university. Let's always be humble, no matter where we are, and let's build a better tomorrow", said Salas.


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