"Copa Don Bosco" Rugby Championship

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Sofía Sánchez, of the "Carneras" during the game


The university's "Carneras" Women's Rugby Team and the "Jibaros" men's rugby team from the city of Quito won the "Copa Don Bosco Rugby 7" championship. This national tournament was held in the university's stadium in Cuenca, there were 12 teams in the men's category and 6 in the women's category. 

"Carneras" won the final against "Guayacán" from the city of Guayaquil 24 – 5 and were undefeated during this championship. They played very well during all the games and showed their superiority throughout the tournament.

In the men's finals, "Jibaros" defeated "Academia Deportiva ADN" from the city of Guayaquil 21 -9. This is their second consecutive championship. 

The Carneras coach, Andrés Vijay, said "this team thought about winning the championship since the beginning and they trained hard for it". The players thanked the university officials for all their support during this competition. 


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