Registration in Guayaquil


Registration for the 2018 - 2019 academic period September 2018 - February 2019



"Centenario" Campus

"Maria Auxiliadora" campus


- Legible Color copy of ID, identification card or passport for foreigners

- Notarized copy of high school diploma or a certificate stating the student is in his/her senior year Foreign students: notarized copy of a certificate from the Ministry of Education validating the high school diploma along with a copy of the high school diploma

- Color copy of voting certificate "certificado de votación" 

- Passport size photo Registration can be done online or at the secretary's office   


3. Registration Cost


Once payment is done your university email will be activated and you must fill in the socioeconomic form which is compulsory in the admissionos process.   

4. Calendar

Register from July 5th - October 5tth, 2018. 

Socioeconomic form: Briefings from July 25 

Confirmation of admission: Starting on August 20th 


5. Socioeconomic form

The socioeconomic form is a compulsory requirement to continue the admissions process.  For more information go to Student Services. 

6. Contact

Phone number: 2590630 / ext. 4691 Denisse Drouet – 4474 Carlos Pérez 


Student services department:

Phone number 2590630 / ext. 4456, 4413

Email: -