New equipment for the civil engineering undergraduate program

cuenca, 29 April 2021 PDF

Students using the differential GPS


The civil engineering undergraduate program in our branch campus in Cuenca acquired new state of the art laboratory equipment in order to provide students better learning opportunities.
The equipment is: differential GPS, Electronic Level, Drone for topographic survey, Casagrande spoon (Soil liquid limit test) Mortar mixer, balance, sample extractor jack and topography equipment.

Several students have already been trained and are now using the equipment, they even carried out some practices with the topography equipment. There was also training on the handling of the universal testing machine, installed in the materials testing laboratory.

The director of the undergraduate program, Juan Carpio, was very happy with the acquisition of the new equipment, he thanked the university officials for the investment, which will benefit students on the use of technological advances in Civil Engineering.

Students were also very happy with the new equipment, which will give them the opportunity to have hands on activities much closer to their profession.


Major: ingeniería civil

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