UPS professor presented his research in the World Rabbit Congress

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Carlos Mínguez in the World Rabbit Congress



UPS professor and researcher Carlos Minguez Balaguer, director of the Veterinay Medicine's GlobalGen Research Group (Grupo de Investigación  GlobalGen), presented his research titled "Genetic Analysis of Meat Quality Traits in the Progeny of Rabbit Does Coming from a Dialell Cross"  during the World Rabbit Congress held in Qingdao, China.

This research project is part of professor MInguez's research in the field of Genetics and Animal Improvement along with researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), Institute for Research and Technology agrifood (Spain), Kafr El-Sheikh University (Egypt) and Benha University (Egypt). This was the only paper sent from Ecuador and one of the three presented from Latin America, the second was from Mexico and the third from Brazil.

Through these studies they have been able to learn more about genetic characteristics and the ability to cross genetic lines of the most important rabbits worldwide in quality of meat.
The rabbit is a very important animal when it comes to testing models of genetic improvement because it has a short reproductive cycle with reduced generation interval.

Therefore, advances in genetics in rabbits can be transferred to animals such as bovine or porcine, whose size hinders the experimental operation. This research can be transferred to genetic improvement of guinea pigs, since their production characteristics are similar and that is part of the main lines of research of the GlobalGen research group.



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