Professionals, students and alumni talked about entrepreneurship

quito, 31 October 2016 PDF

Federico González,representative of Master Business during his talk


On October 22nd and 23rd the university's branch in Quito held a meeting for its alumni, workers and students in order to give people the opportunity to strengthen interpersonal relationships and motivate senior year students to be part of committees.

During the meeting, Lola Vasquez, director of the community involvement department , spoke about all the activities carried out with alumni, such as 37 courses and seminars, 33 alumni meetings and 14 advisory committees. She also said that up to October 2016, 61% of UPS students are working for different institutions and companies. 

Tania Chicaiza, director of the Management and Leadership major, presented the topic "Alternatives of entrepreneurship" and said that entrepreneurship and innovation by a UPS student have to done within a context of values since in Ecuador entrepreneurship emerges in families. "The success of entrepreneurship projects cannot be measured only by the money it generates or personal achievements; for those involved in academia, we have to think beyond individualism and think from a more human perspective. 

Federico Gonzalez, from Master Business, said starting a business requires strength, work, initiative, decision, knowledge and courage, all combined with experience. He added that it should also be sustainable. 


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