UPS students were trained on Pneumatic Automation

guayaquil, 30 January 2017 PDF

Aquiles Vicuña during his talk


On January 27th, the university's branch in Guayaquil held a talk titled "Pneumatic Automation" for students majoring in electrical, electronic and industrial engineering. The aim of this talk was to train students on electro pneumatic automation technologies in topics such as: sensors, actuators, controllers and supply of the university. "Student should not only know the theoretical part, but have hands on practice as well. These events help show students things beyond the classroom", said Marcos Millan, UPS professor.

During this event the future professionals learned more about the reality of working life in companies according to their specialization. According to Aquiles Vicuña, who led this course, students should always go beyond what they learn in the classroom because it's not the same as the working world. "It is necessary to share knowledge with students so they learn about other tools that will help them in the industry since at times they misunderstand university life and work life", he said.

Vicuña taught students innovative strategies to develop projects in the field of pneumatic automation. "It's interesting to see the number of tools and devices that we can use at work and more importantly the application of these tools to create great engineering projects", said Christian Quiroz, an electrical engineering student.


Major: ingeniería eléctrica

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