Control Systems and Robotics




Electronic control systems and robotic applications are becoming more popular not only in industries but with everyone overall.  The use of efficient mechanisms in an industrial plant, automatic control mechanisms in robotic systems, bioengineering applications or nanoscale studies are being developed by researchers around the world for the industrial and the health sectors. Furthermore, these studies have autonomous applications that enable the development of skills similar to those of humans; this helps the government's Good Living plan and the change in the country's production model. 

GISCOR is focused on the development of algorithm models that can improve control processes, it also works in a multidisciplinary field where it develops models to predict diseases in order to improve attention in hospitals. One of the group's goals is to do nanoscale research in order to develop state of the art applications in the electronics field. 





Lines of Research


  • Control engineering and automation technologies

  • Computer systems and artificial intelligence

  • Energy optimization and renewable energies

  • Telemedicine and Telehealth 

  • New materials and transformation processes 





MSc. Leonel Vasquez, PH.D




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MSc. Mónica Miranda
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