Registration Cuenca


Registration for September 2017 - February 2018



Undergraduate programs:

•    Business Administration (morning, afternoon and evening)

•    Communication (morning and evening)

•    Computing (morning and evening): redesign of systems engineering 

•    Accounting and auditing (morning, afternoon and evening)

•    Management of sustainable development

•    Environmenatl engineering (morning and afternoon)

•    Biotechnology of Natural Resources 

•    Electronic engineering (morning and afternoon )

•    Electricity (morning and afternoon)

•    Mechanical engineering (morning and evening)    

•    Automotive mechanical engineering (morning, afternoon and evening)

•    Mechatronics  (morning and afternoon)

•    Basic Education (evening)

•    Early education (evening)

•    Veterinary medicine 

•    Occupational psychology (registration starts on August 1st 2016)




MORNING: 7h00 to 13h00

AFTERNOON: 13h00 to 19h00

EVENING: 15h00 TO 21h00



Requirements to register

  • Legible Color copy of ID, identification card or passport for foreigners
  • Notarized copy of high school diploma or a certificate stating the student is in his/her senior year
  • Foreign students: notarized copy of a certificate from the Ministry of Education validating the high school diploma along with a copy of the high school diploma
  • Registration will be legalized once the payment is done in the university's treasury department



  • Campus secretary: Wilma Mena/ ext. 1152
  • Admissions coordinator: Julio Loja / email: / ext. 1263


Registration Cost


Payable in the university's treasury department

Go to the Admissions Department and verify your place.

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